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Interviewing the Nuncio

Our Holy See delegation, which is going to MMUN-NY, had the opportunity to talk to Monseñor Nicola Girasoli, Nuncio Apostolico from Lima. Our students could ask several questions concerning world issues, having the perspective of the Holy See and the actions regarding their position.

It was a unique opportunity to listen to the expert on issues concerning the vatican's diplomacy and handling of international concerns. We are sure this was a considerable help to the students as it complements the research they are completing on these very issues.

Our students also got the chance to tell Monseñor how Salcantay has been preparing for the visit of Pope Francisco.

We are glad and thankful we had this amazing experience with Monseñor Girasoli, who gave us a warm welcome, not only by giving us this interview but also showing us the chapel and part of the Nunciatura.

Salud Escolar


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