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Let’s Celebrate the Month Dedicated to Peru!


The celebration of the National Independence Month began on July 3.  The Cycle of Conferences under the name “Strength and Solidarity of Peruvians in the Face of Adversity” will take place from July 17 – 20, in addition to the expected Festival of National Dances on July 21.

During the inaugurating ceremony of the National Independence Month, Pilar García, Principal of Salcantay, expressed the responsibility held by each one on the development and progress of our country. “The most important thing of a country is its people: Men and women, youngsters and adults, each one builds patriotism from his place. If someone would ask today how we can contribute to make Peru a better place, the answer is simple: Doing well what each one of us has in hands; by studying, striving every day to become better, and helping others. Phrases we hear from our parents and teachers, but that we have to take to practice every day.”

In addition to the accustomed presentations of our students, this year the inaugural ceremony of the National Independence Month also included the participation of some teachers, who presented the Valicha huayno.

Let’s Celebrate Independence Day!

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