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Student Profile

How will my 16-year-old daughter be?

  • In Salcantay we instill respect for the personality of each girl, the following:
  • Autonomy to achieve self-control.
  • The ability to know herself, to realize her potential. She will be able to create her own goals for continuous improvement.
  • Sincerity and honesty, she will be committed to the truth.
  • Aspiration towards the work well done and spirit of service.
  • Industriousness, responsibility and order.
  • Logical- and mathematical- thinking skills.
  • Mastery of instrumental learning: Reading, calculation, writing and drafting, second language and information technology as a tool.
  • Self-learning, with study habits and systematic work.
  • Skills for the ability of completing research projects.
  • Correct pronunciation of English and language proficiency.
  • Attention to challenges in their environment in order to propose solutions within her reach.
  • Solidarity and generosity.

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