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Institutional Values

Respect for the Dignity of People
Each student is a unique person endowed with a lofty dignity, free, perfectible by nature, and whose singularity we must value.
The Leading Role of Parents
We recognize family as a natural school of human virtues, where parents bear the primary responsibility for the education of their children. In order to perform their leading role, the school works with them by offering training and counseling. Additionally, we promote the active participation of parents in school life.
Aspiration towards the Work Well Done
Every human being is called to the pursuit of personal excellence. That means to enhance all of his/her potential. In Salcantay, we encourage opportunities so that each student performs school activities in the best possible manner, given that this effort will boost the development of all the aspects of her personality.
Spirit of Service
In Salcantay, we educate women who are sensitive to the needs of their environment, who are willing to actively contribute to the improvement or solution of problems in our society. This is not only about providing welfare aid, but about an attitude attention to the needs of others demonstrated in courtesy, good treatment, generosity, solidarity and altruism.
Education of Freedom
The education of freedom promotes opportunities for students to learn how to make decisions based on good judgement. Students develop their autonomy by assuming responsibilities, assignments and leading activities. This is closely related to responsibility and the ability to make free decisions.
Life Unity and Coherence
We educate women capable of acting coherently and freely, according to their convictions, in all aspects of their lives: Professional, family, social, work, etc. Life unity involves a constant effort that our students will be willing to make.

Each student is a unique, unrepeatable person, endowed with a lofty dignity, who is free and perfectible by nature.


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