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Educators are responsible for the academic and personal development of students. This task demands a rich human education and an extensive professional competence. The activities carried out by teachers are:

  • Educational Sessions

These are held once every two months. Without the assistance of students, teachers review programs, prepare material and research.

  • Teachers’ Day

On July 6, students pay a “surprise” tribute to teachers; they participate in the Holy Mass and enjoy a pleasant lunch.

  • Integration Day

It is organized once a year with integration and recreation purposes. Teachers perform outdoor activities somewhere outside school facilities.

  • Continuous training and refresher courses

The educational project requires and promotes ongoing teacher training. The experience gained enriches our learning programs.
April 2015 – August 2016: Diplomado Experto en Educación y Familia DAIP (Education and Family Expert Diploma Course). Addressed to academic and administrative staff.

2019 Homeroom Teachers:

  Grade​ Homeroom Teachers​

Elementary Grades​

1st A Anne Amao
1st B Lorena Tassara
1st C Grimanesa Pérez
2nd A  Karen Fernández
2nd B Patricia Urrutia
2nd C Diana Bolaños
3rd A Rosane Uribe
3rd B Dina Layme
4th A Mary Bruce
4th B Ximena Gallástegui
Middle Grades 5th A Carla Anduaga
5th B Carel Asenjo
6th A Mariella Seminario
6th B  Mercedes Palacios
7th A

Carmen Horna

7th B Cecilia Artola
8th A Jesús Alcalá
8th B Gladys Espinoza
Higher Grades 9th A Giulliana López
9th B Nora Valer
10th A Norma Contreras
10th B Giuliana Campana
11th A Cristina Ibáñez
11th B Paola Ramírez



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